More Honors is a small part of the American University in Bulgaria student body that is selected to represent the funny and bright side of student life. More Honors is made by students for students, faculty, staff and friends who make More Honors what it is. MH has been entertaining the AUBG student body since 1998, when the first More Honors show took place. Its purpose is to represent student life in a show, while all of us, together, have a good time and laugh at our own strengths and faults.

The Academy is a bunch of crazy AUBG students with a sense of moronism, who get together in one year of hard work and lots of fun to organize the year’s show. The academy is different every year and is lead by one or two Academy presidents, who change every year as well.

Our friends are the More-Honors Regalia, made of all former Academy presidents, close friends and supporters. This body has the task to ensure MH lives forever, and also to award the MH Scholarship. The latter was established in 2008 at More-Honor’s 10th anniversary Dick-Aid party, to nurture creativity among AUBG students.

Also, all former and current MH members from all years and places in the world; faculty and staff, without whom the show would not exist and every student in AUBG who is willing to sit through 2-4 hours of moronic rants, sketches and clips.

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